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The Lost Arms

By Josh, age 10. Bob, the main character, lost his arms, and the evil dude stole them, and he has to get them back from the dude.


Spell Casters

By Geronimo, age 8. You have your classic controls, up arrow for jump, right and left movement, then you have your space key to shoot forward, the M key to shoot backward, and N shoots a haunted shirt which strangles your enemies. There are two levels, see if you can win! (In level 1, there’s a shortcut!)

ninja stick(demo)

By Nathan, age 10. From Platinum, his game production company with Miles. This game is very awesome. A lot of details are very “sassy”, as Nathan would say. He really loves this game because it is his latest. Check it out!

Kaden's Awesome Dragon Ball Z Game

Kaden, age 8 1/2 has wanted to make games for over a year, and worked really hard last summer to learn to read so he could make this. To make it, Kaden got authentic Dragon Ball Z sprites, and assembled them into his own animations. His game has been popular in class, as well as online, with at least five different users choosing to download it and remix it as their own.

Super Ninja Survival Match

Super Ninja Survival Match is very fun. It’s a 2 player game. Ninja shoots with space key, and uses the WASD keys to move. Slayer, the swordsman uses the arrow keys to move. By Fletcher, age 8.

Super Ninja Quest

Check out Fletcher’s latest game, Super Ninja Quest! Fletcher is 8 years old, and this was his first time taking the Scratch class here at Studio One!

Baby Crinkley

Another destructive Hamster photoshop by the talented Sadie, age 8!